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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Where is the Clinic?

See our contact page. We are in Abbotsford BC in the Fraser Valley Travel Clinic's  Abbotsford office. We do phone/video appointments for workers anywhere in BC.

2) Do you accept walk-in appointments? 

No. Please do not walk-in because generally there is no one physically present in the office. All appointments must be booked ahead of time. However, same day appointments are often available through online booking, and you can call the clinic Sunday through Thursday from 10 am to 7 pm if you have any urgent concerns. 

3) I booked a video appointment. What do I do now?

 When it is time for your appointment, go        to the website

Enter your name and click "Check in." 

Wait for the Doctor to start your appointment

4) I booked a phone appointment. What do I do now?

When it is time for your appointment, make sure you are near your phone and wait for the doctor to call you

5) Can I have an in-person appointment?

At this time, the majority of appointments will be virtual (phone or video) to prevent spreading COVID19. However, If your medical problem requires an in-person appointment and you live in Abbotsford/Chilliwack/Mission/Langley, 

call or email the clinic to book your appointment instead of booking online. If you live somewhere else, contact a local doctors office in your area to book an appointment.

6) How do I get tested for COVID19?
See the information on our webpage here

7) Do you do WCB claims? 

Yes. For WCB appointments, please book and pay for your appointment online. When your visit is approved and paid for by WCB you will be reimbursed. 

8) Do you do procedures such as stitches/sutures?

No, we do not do sutures or other medical procedures at this time. During COVID-19, any wounds requiring stitches need to be repaired in the ER.

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